Be Inspired!

For something to inspire me, it must stand out among everything else.  For example, for an event to inspire me, there must be something so unique about it that I picture it in my head long after it’s over.

One of the most recent inspirations I felt was after looking at pictures of a gala fundraiser Mahaffey set up, on the roof of a parking garage no less, for a well-known hospital.

Not only was the tent itself spectacular – namely the perfectly lined walls, roof, and doors on the outside – but the interior was nothing short of a masterpiece.  From the thick green/white striped carpet to the perfectly laid parquet dance floor, this event marveled all who experienced it.

To add to the ambiance, we added a state-of-the-art lighting system, which provided an elegant green-on-green effect.  The decor, which included palm trees, chase lounges, and even a man-made pond – was provided thanks to the vision of a world-renowned event planner we work with on several occassions.

When you’re planning a “gala” event, it’s of the utmost importance that everything is done right and that your customer’s every request is met.

For this event, everything was done right, and every one of our customer’s needs was met.  And that is what’s inspiring to me.

Let us inspire you ny creating the perfect ambiance at your next event.  Visit


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