Using Lighting to Create Drama for Your Event

Choose Your Mood

In order to create a “Wow Factor” that will make your guests feel like they have entered an enchanted far away land as soon as they enter the room, look no further than your closest lighting designer.

A well designed and executed lighting plan can change the whole atmosphere with a flip of the switch. If you don’t have the most elaborate-looking venue, you can certainly create one by using theatrical lighting.

Most weddings these days are much more than just a ceremony and then a reception with cake, punch, and mints. Today’s savvy couples want drama!

At Mahaffey, we can use our artistic design to translate the emotions each couple comes to us with. Whether you’re planning a simple, yet elegant, wedding or going all out on a gala event, it’s important that you communicate with your planner or lighting team the exact look and vibe you want. To change the energy in the room (or under the tent) during the night, we can create customized assortments of light or light palettes that can alternate throughout the night. You can choose a fun palette of red and oranges to energize your guests, or a more calming combination of blues and purples, which soothes guests and can facilitate conversation.

Check out more lighting tips next week!


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