Tent Lighting

Use Flattering Hues

Golden and amber tones allow you and your guests to look their best.  Warm colors, such as gold, flatter everyone and highlight decor beautifully.  Shades of pink are also complimentary, especially for weddings.  You can use these shades to color an entire space while offering a sense of warmth and comfort.

Light to Enhance

To highlight centerpieces and food displays, try a technique called pin-spotting, in which a tightly focused light makes decorative touches shine.  Gobo lights – a special projector with an etched metal template – can be used to shine a pretty pattern across the walls, such as a couple’s monogram or company logo.

Gorgeous light isn’t only for reception or party space, like the main tent.  Hallways and courtyards can and should be embellished, too.  If your event is a subdued one, you may choose to illuminate these areas to complement your reception lighting and decor.  If you opt for a funkier vibe, however, you can change the colors and moods of each area.


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