2009 Event Trends


Simplicity is Key
This year, think less is more, with smaller, more intimate parties focusing on a few modest décor elements that actually make a statement and mean something to your guests.  Extravagance gives way to thoughtfulness, in everything from weddings to corporate events to fundraisers.
Make your own Music 
Great music is essential to any function, and a well thought-out playlist can be just as good as hiring a DJ for thousands of dollars.  In fact, most DJs play off their own iPods these days anyway, so why waste the money?  Invest in a great sound system instead, and be your own entertainer.



No More Printing
Mailed invitations and printed marketing collateral are quickly becoming faux pas.  Focus your energy on digital items that can be emailed or handed out on a CD or flash drive at events.  Printing your logo on a flash drive and giving that to your customers is also a great marketing tool!
Eco-Friendly Products
There are a million alternatives to wasteful, hazardous event supplies, from liquid cardboard to compact fluorescent bulbs for lighting and sustainable local food products.  Start using them!
You know the phrase… Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
An old adage but still a goodie, actually now more than ever. Reduce the amount of waste you collect at an event by re-using recycled materials, and recycling new materials to be re-used at your next event.  See how the circle works?


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