Table #3- Art Deco Butterfly!

So y’all have now heard all about Meet Mahaffey and our various vignettes, the Scarlet Silhouette and the Shabby Chic ones. Of course, in true Butterfly fashion, we had to include our signature in the decor somewhere! Therefore, today I want to show y’all our vignette #3: Art Deco Butterfly!

We decided that orange and purple would stand out from the rest of our vignettes as a refreshing and contemporary twist. We wanted to incorporate branchy and floral elements to soften the look, and of course pave the way for the incorporation of butterflies. Check out the unique butterfly gobo light on the backdrop!
Anyone who knows us also knows how much we love details! Intricate and eye catching extras will get your guests talking and looking closer at your meticulous design. On a table setting you should always try to reinvent the purpose of each element on the table. Chairs can be a canvas for splashes of color such as chair pads, like the orange ones pictured.  Our butterflies resting on the chair backs look like they fluttered on by to keep diners company. A dramatic centerpiece and chandelier adds height and luxury to the look.  Check out the delicately strung purple orchid leis!

We got creative with the napkin folding around the menus and incorporated vibrant orange orchids to splash up the look. Luxurious clusters of candles will drape your guests in a warm glow and add movement to the scene. Personal bottles of wine are offered in copper buckets with accents of purple ribbon. The bottles rest on a bed of river rocks in the bucket to continue the natural theme. The linen is a bold art-deco print that ties together all the colors. Crisp white plates rest on orange chargers and purple napkins top it all off.

When it comes to table design, the sky’s the limit! Get creative and get your guests talking- give us a call if you need help!

– Thank you to Social Butterflies for their fabulous guest posts on “Meet Mahaffey!”


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