Spring has sprung!

I know it’s been a while since our last post, but never fear!  We’ll be posting quite a few updates over the next few months as we introduce our new party rental items.

Spring is finally here!  And with a new season comes new trends.  This year, it’s all about creativity, going green, simplicity, and keeping it comfortable.


With the economy not yet back to “the way things were,” we’re all searching high and low to make sure we get the best bang for our buck.  That’s where creativity comes into play.  Finding decor you can use again and again, in different ways, can save you a lot of time and money.

Going eco-conscious while entertaining is a great way to be “green.”  Think electronic and send e-vites rather than printed invitations…  Rent tableware vs. buying paper or plastic.  Not only is it environmentally-friendly, but it can often give your event a fresh, clean look.  Using LED lights add a dramatic effect and can minimize the need for other decor.

Just because you’re keeping it simple doesn’t mean you can’t still have that WOW! factor you’re going for.  The solution is to create a dramatic effect on the minimal side and staying within your budget.  Try a simple floral arrangement of a single orchid or votive candle floating in water.  Rather than going all-out on a band, have a friend DJ your event with his or her iPod.

Comfort is key this season.  Let’s face it… we all love comfort food.  And a comfortable atmosphere is what keeps a party going.

Be sure to check out next week’s post on creating the ultimate ultra lounge!


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