Creating the Ultra Lounge

Ultra LoungeWhether you’re planning a contemporary wedding or an upscale corporate event, an ultra lounge is the ultimate addition to any event.  To set the scene for the lounge, it’s all about lighting and furniture.  Let’s face it… what’s an ultra lounge without “lounge” furniture?

You don’t have to go all out and spend your entire budget on elaborate lighting effects.  Adding a couple simple and affordable can lights with color gels are a wonderful way to incorporate your theme colors, create a fun, party atmosphere, and transform a boring wall into a vibrant accent.  Lighting is a simple, cost-effective way to keep the WOW factor you’re going for with minimal effort.

Clear Flooring over Pool

The sky’s the limit when it comes to lounge furniture.  While your options used to be limited to couches and chairs, there are now multiple pieces to fill up your lounge.  From banquettes to sofas to end tables to a variety of couches and chairs, lounge furniture is a great way to spice up your event.  LED bars, tables, lamps, and other decor pieces, all of which can be set to the color of your choice, give your event that extra touch of chic.

Do you have a pool, pond, or other small body of water right in the middle of your event space?  Setting up clear acrylic flooring over the pool not only provides a unique dance floor, it also giving you more options for lighting.  To keep the cords and wires from plain view, we can set them up in the corners of the covered area.  The lighting will reflect off both the water and the flooring material, creating the full lounge effect.

Ultra Lounge

If you’ve opted for a tent, an ceiling liner can add a dramatic effect, again with minimal effort.  Not only does it set an elegant vibe and cover tent poles and framing, but you can also adjust the lights to shine in specific areas, which can create another dimension to your look.

There are several other accessories you can add to your ultra lounge…  staging, various dance floor pieces, AC/heating, and more.


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