Linen Choices for Your Event

Crush LinenMany brides love the look, feel and overall excitement that goes with a specialty linen, such as taffetas, crinkles, etc.  But most of them only have a budget that will accommodate a basic linen.

Potential brides, or anyone planning an event, need to remember that it is okay to mix and match your linens.  Say you have 10 tables and your color is Apple Green…  Try putting a Satin linen on three of the tables, a Crush linen on three, and a Basic Poly on the remaining four tables.  You keep the same uniformed color throughout, while adding a variety in color and texture.

Circle Tafetta LinenMixing linens is the easiest way for you to cut your linen cost, sometimes even by 25-30%!  You can also put a basic linen on all seated tables and save the specialties for a head and/or cake table.  This could cut your linen cost by almost 50%.

Whatever way you decide to go with your linen choices, don’t be afraid to get creative!


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