The Party After the Party

A prominent family from Yazoo City, Mississippi, traveled an hour south to Jackson earlier this month to throw the party (or parties, to be more accurate) of the season for their daughter. The first event took place after the rehearsal…and rehearsal dinner. It was referred to by the guests as simply “the after party.”

Once the rehearsal dinner was over, which only the wedding party attended, the family wanted a place to house an after party for everyone who came in town for the occasion. So they chartered a few bus loads of people over to Walker’s Drive-In. Known by some as “one of the best restaurants in Jackson.” The paradoxical atmosphere of a gourmet restaurant set up in an old drive in, as well as a greasy spoon lunch fused with a gourmet touch makes this classic a multi-layered favorite. Walker’s proves its many dimensions by serving a laid back burger style lunch, just as it started out to do, and transitioning to upscale dining at night..

While the swanky, downtown venue was perfect for this crowd, it definitely wasn’t going to hold them all. Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals came in and installed a 30′ x 30′ clear top tent, incorporating the two original Walker’s signs and brick wall aligning the front.

The event planner wanted to keep the setting as intimate as possible, so we kept the tent at 30′ high…high enough to enclose the sign and low enough to not be a distraction. Aside from the tent, Mahaffey provided the portable LED bar, tables, chairs, and linens. Surprisingly, no lighting was needed, as that was covered by Walker’s exterior lights.

With the restaurant on street-front property in a highly trafficked area, in addition to the well-lit clear tent, everyone who drove by had to slow down to get a glimpse of the soiree going on inside!

And what a party it was…

Clear Top Tent

Clear Top Tent

Clear Top Tent

Clear Top Tent and LED bar


Clear Top Tent

Clear Top Tent

Clear Top Tent


Check back soon for details and photos from the wedding reception!


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