Joke’s on the boss!

We hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Play any good April Fool’s Day jokes on anyone?

Well here at Mahaffey, we try every year to come up with a great joke to play on our boss. But it just never works out.

That was until this year! 🙂 Unfortunately for him, he always leaves his car keys on his desk. So at his usual lunchtime, a co-worker and I swooped them off his desk and drove his car around to the back of our warehouse (well, Kendal actually did the driving…I slid down in the passenger seat so no one could blame me for it. I’m a sissy, I know).

I had to leave right after we pulled the prank to run an errand, so I was sure our boss would realize his car was missing, find out who did it, then retaliate…all while I was gone. Luckily, that never happened. Not only did he walk by the front lobby (a direct view to his parking spot) several times, but he even took one of our employees out to the yard to show him a tent installation. And nothing!

It was close to quittin’ time, so he made his way around the office to say his goodbyes and well wishes for the weekend, and then headed outside…which led to:

April Fools joke

Dude, where's my car?

Hahaha…FINALLY, we got him! It took at least a full minute for him to turn around and start walking back inside. He was thinking: did I let someone borrow my car? Did my wife take it? Omg…was it STOLEN?! Thank goodness no cops were called! A few of us then ran out and screamed “April Fool’s!” He took it quite well and actually seemed impressed that we were able to stump him. Gotta love a harmless prank!

Ahh, what fun we have here at Mahaffey!


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