The Best of Southern Weddings Part II! {Guest Post}

A special thank you to our friends at Southern Bride. Below is a recent blog post that goes along with our “Best of Southern Weddings” series. Hope you get as much inspiration out of it as we did! You can’t get any more Southern than mason jars. 🙂

The Mason Jar, also known as “Ball Jar” was invented in 1858 by John Mason. The original purpose of the mason jar was to be used for preserving and storing food. They are still used for that very purpose today, but have also become quite popular for weddings as well. Many brides have been using mason jars to incorporate a little southern flair into their big day.

They can be used in so many ways! They can be a decoration with candles or flower arrangements inside, on tables, as aisle markers, as table numbers, filled with some treats/favors for the guests, and of course they can be used to serve food and drinks.

Mason Jar Wedding Decor


Mason jars can be used in both formal and casual settings. Adding some beautiful floral centerpieces can make them more formal, while placing a single stem or votive candle can make it more casual. They can also be used as glasses for your guests to drink from. You can serve Southern favorites like lemonade or sweet tea or even a signature, Southern cocktail.

Mason Jar Wedding Decor

{An Event to Remember Wedding Planning, davidhphotography, In Bloom Floral Design}

Holly and Aaron Ryan, who were married in Moorseville, AL used mason jars to decorate the church they were married in. They hung the jars on the pews with simple flower arrangements and delicate ribbon The church was very old and Holly did not want to take away from the character of the church, which is why the mason jars worked so well. Their wedding was a true, Southern event and the mason jars added that special touch and set the tone for their special, Southern celebration. To see more photos and inspiration from Holly and Aaron’s wedding, click here.

Mason Jar Wedding Decor


If you are interested in finding, vintage mason jars for your wedding or event, check local antique shops in your area or  you can also find them on Etsy.

For more information on this post and other fabulous Southern wedding ideas, visit the Southern Bride Blog!



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