How to Be a Good Southern Wedding Guest

In a search for fun and useful blog posts, sometimes outside research is necessary and that is what Beth and I tell ourselves when we buy and read magazines. Allure recently had an article “How to Be a Good Wedding Guest” which got us thinking what our rules would be for southern wedding guest etiquette.

Being a polite wedding guest begins the second your postman drops off the invitation in your mailbox. Make a decision on whether or not you are attending sooner rather than later and definitely before the “please respond by” date on the invitation.

Invitation Information
While you’re promptly filling out the response card, take the time to peruse the information available on the invitation. A big one is what is listed on the envelope: who is the invitation addressed to? If you’re single and there is no “and guest” then sadly, your date will have to stay home. Carpool with a group of friends who are also invited to the wedding. If you’re a family but the invitation is addressed to “Mr & Mrs” then that means that you will be calling a sitter because it’s a kid free wedding.  However, if the invitation says “The Smith Family” then the children are more than welcome. No matter the circumstance, it’s never okay to bring an uninvited guest to a wedding.

Dress for the Occasion

Here’s how important the invitation is: this information is also available on there. When you’re planning your wardrobe for a wedding, take note of a few things: the ceremony time, the ceremony location and the type of invitation. If the ceremony begins at 2 in the afternoon in an outdoor garden, you can skip the gowns and diamonds. However, if it doesn’t start until 7 or 8 in the evening in an elegant hotel, chances are the dress is more formal. If you’re close enough with the bride, groom or someone in the wedding party, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking what attire is required.
And remember, it’s still not okay to wear any shade of white.

Drink in Moderation
All wedding guests over the age of 21 enjoy the open bar available at many weddings. However, a drink during cocktail hour,  toasting to the bride and grooms new happy life or a glass of your favorite spirit is perfectly appropriate, there is certainly a limit on drinks if you want to be a gracious guest. Know your limits and appreciate them- there is no table dancing, drunken toast giving or, worst of all, getting sick at weddings, southern or otherwise.

Following these little guidelines will help ease stress of the bride on her special day and help you to do what you came there to do- Have fun!




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