Mahaffey Partner Spotlight: Drapers’s Catering

When taking part in weddings and events, it’s always a wonderful thing to have partners that are reliable and exceptional at what they do.  Draper’s Catering, located at 6116 Macon Road in Memphis, is one of Mahaffey’s preferred partners in wedding and event planning.

Owned and operated by the Draper family, Draper’s Catering co-owners (and husband & wife) Gary and Catherine Draper are also the chefs preparing the delicious food. Gary is the executive chef, while Catherine makes and prepares all of the delicious pastries. Their son, Ryan, is their Operations Manager as well as a Special Event Coordinator.  Two of their three Wedding and Event coordinators also belong to the Draper family, Matthew and Jonathan, with Mrs. Dianne Trammell rounding out the group.

Draper’s Catering has served the Memphis area for over 20 years and is a full-service catering company providing food, beverages, event coordination and more for all of your private or corporate events.

Check out their blog or email them for your next event.




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