Paso Fino Horse Show

The Paso Fino Horse Association is hosting its 39th Annual Grand National Championship Show & Expo this week at the Agricenter in Memphis. The show began on Sunday, Sept. 25, and wraps up on Saturday, Oct. 1. This is the first year for the show to be hosted in Memphis, and Mahaffey provided a number of tents for the event. We erected three hip tents for food vendors and many gable end tents were set up outside of stalls as requested. Mahaffey also built a dividing wall in the middle of a practice arena as well as two stages, one inside the main arena for the announcers and DJ and the other inside a practice arena for live entertainment. Below are some pictures from the event!

Hip TentMahaffey Striped Hip Tents and Gable End Tents

Gable End TentsMahaffey Gable End Tents

Mahaffey Gable End Tents

Dividing wall built by Mahaffey

Announcer/DJ stage built by Mahaffey

We were able to take a few minutes to watch the horses compete. The Paso Fino horses are given the title “Smoothest Riding Horse in the World” and they perform a smooth four-beat lateral gait. They are full of energy, drive, stamina and gracefulness. Here are a few of the photos we captured!

Youth Horsemanship Championship

Bella Forma Mares Judging

We are proud to be working with the Paso Fino Horse Association this year, and we look forward to working with them again in the future. Admission to the horse show is free for the public, so be sure to stop by this week if you have a chance! For more information, visit the Paso Fino Horse Association Web Site.


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