Mahaffey Partner Spotlight: Social Butterflies, LLC

Social Butterflies, LLC is one of Mahaffey’s preferred wedding and event planners. They have planned award winning events and weddings that have brought them much recognition. Michelle Hope and Jaime Newsom are the owners and lead designers of Social Butterflies, and they are committed to planning and designing events that stand out from others. We’ve partnered with them on numerous occasions to provide tent and party rentals, and working with them is always an absolute joy and pleasure. Take a look at the photos below to see the exquisite designs they’ve created.

As you can see their creations are stunning. So whether your planning an elegant wedding or special event — you can trust Social Butterflies to make it beautiful and memorable! Set up a consultation today by visiting their web site or by calling 901-828-9321 or 901-691-1849. Also, be sure to find them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for the latest news and information.

NOTE: All photos courtesy of Annabella Charles.


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