Spirits with the Spirits at Elmwood Cemetery

Elmwood Cemetery has been keeping Memphis at rest since 1852, but last night their residents rose to the occasion of Spirits with the Spirits! It was a great night full of frightening fun and spooky events all surrounded by flickering lights and strange sights.

Mahaffey provided the final arrangements for the event, which included the tent, tables, chairs, linens (Black and White Venice & Aubergine), uplights with colored gels and lounge cubes with black spandex covers. The lighting provided was perfectly dimmed and helped set the tone for the night.

Upon arrival, everyone received a flashlight to help them navigate the cemetery and spot the historic tombs. Attendees were also able to walk through the dimly lit Lord’s Chapel and  listen to Tony Thomas playing piano.

Two old black and white movies—Young Frankenstein and Dracula–were shown during the event. Audio and video were provided by AreaOne Ministries. They projected Young Frankenstein on the side of an old building in the cemetery, and Dracula was shown on the inside wall of the hospitality tent.

Tout le Monde and Hank & Nora, a bluegrass and folk band, played a variety of live songs in the graveyard and a fortune teller set up in a makeshift room created with Mahaffey’s pipe and drape was telling fortunes and predicting futures!

Mahaffey’s lounge cubes and bistro tables were set up inside the tent for attendees to socialize and mingle while sipping on Halloween themed cocktails and munching on pass hors d’oeuvres.

Thanks to our very own Shonna Springer, who also happens to be a fabulous photographer, for capturing these great shots at the event! Shonna will also be serving as the resident historian at Elmwood Cemetery for the coming year. For more information on Elmwood Cemetery, visit there web page or call them at 901.774.3212.


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