The Ghost of Red Mahaffey

Happy Halloween everyone! We’ve got a ghost story to share with you on this Halloween Monday, so prepare to be spooked!

It all started back in 1972 when William F. Pretsch purchased the company from the Mahaffey family when the owner, Eldred ‘Red’ Mahaffey, died in a private airplane crash not too far from Memphis.

Parts of the plane were recovered from the crash and stored in the original Mahaffey warehouse. Many Mahaffey workers considered the warehouse to be haunted after that because strange things began to happen.

Mark Huels has been a Mahaffey employee since the late 80’s  and he said anyone in the warehouse, then and now, will tell you that whenever they begin pulling the fabric onto a tent, the wind begins to blow, making it near impossible to get the fabric properly installed.

Mark said,  “It could be the clearest, sunniest day and out of no where, as we begin installing the fabric on the tent, the winds picks up and begins to toss the fabric around. We’ll stop working and wait for the wind to die down before trying again. It’s definitely spooky!”

Many of the Mahaffey workers believe that it’s the ghost of Red Mahaffey that causes the rush of wind and the fabric to be tossed around. They say it’s spooky, but help makes their jobs more interesting!



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