Did You Know Series: Elmwood Cemetery and Our Own Shonna Springer

Did you know that Shonna Springer, Mahaffey’s own Operations Coordinator, has graciously volunteered to be Elmwood Cemetery‘s Photographer-In-Residence? Check out some of her AMAZING work at Memphis’ most beautiful and beloved cemetery. Furthermore, one of her photos was chosen for the cover of a trade magazine called American Cemetery Magazine!

Established in 1852, Elmwood Cemetery has become the final resting place to over 75,000 inhabitants including mayors, governors, madams, blues singers, suffragists, martyrs, generals, civil rights leaders, holy men and women, outlaws and millionaires. It is the final resting place of those who created Memphis history and has emerged today as Memphis’ finest and oldest active cemetery. The grounds of Elmwood were entered on the National Register of Historic Places on March 20, 2002. If you’ve never been, it’s a Memphis MUST!

Memphis photography

Memphis photography

As an added bonus for this week’s “Did You Know” series, we thought you should know that Shonna has also started her own photography business, Shonna Nicole Photography. Be sure to check out her website and book a session!


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