Budgeting for Your Wedding

One of our event specialists ran across a wedding budget article today, and it got us thinking…what are today’s brides budgeting for their wedding? And is that budget realistic?

The article, entitled How Much Wedding Will $20,000 Buy? breaks down the costs and expenses of different budget types. First, the author discusses a small $5,000 budget. From there, a $20,000 budget is broken down, then $50,000, and finally $100,000.

It talks about how there are several different ways to cut back on costs when planning your big day. For example, one couple that was interviewed for the article said that to cut costs, instead of going with a venue that required them to use on-site caterers, the couple brought in local food trucks and had a local farm provide pies in place of a wedding cake. Speaking of local, did you know that Memphis has several food truck locations? Check ’em out!

The article also mentions some fun things to do at each price range. Naturally, this made us think about rentals! If you’re trying to cut back or stick with a smaller budget, you can cut costs by using a different style chair and/or polyester linens rather than a specialty linen. For example, try a nice padded chair; they are less expensive and still look very classy. Also, tent accessories can add up. If weather permits, try going without sidewalls or maybe leave one wall open. As far as lighting, you can go with the 15-light wrought iron chandelier instead of the larger one.

Of course, there are tons of DIY projects you can do to save money, especially where stationery is concerned.

There are SO many ways to save! See for yourself: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/how-much-wedding-will–20-000-buy-.html

How are you planning to stick to your wedding budget?

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