Mahaffey in Red, White & Blue

We at Mahaffey couldn’t be more excited for tonight’s Opening Ceremony, which is being called ‘Isles of Wonder’, for the London 2012 Olympic Games! The ceremony is live at 3 pm CT! Be sure to check your local listings to see what time to tune in. There are estimated to be more than FOUR BILLION people watching tonight’s ceremony, so you don’t want to miss it!

The Opening Ceremony will begin with Receiving the Head of State, followed by the Parade of Athletes. After several important speakers, the Head of State will officially declare the games open. The Olympic Flag will be carried into the stadium, the respective anthem will be played and the passing of the torch will then begin – with the Cauldron being lit at the very end, burning until the end of the Games. The ceremony is gearing up to be beyond spectacular, having a total cast of 15,000!

Visit the London 2012 Olympics homepage for more information regarding the Opening Ceremony and Games. Also, take a look at this great event planning guide for fun events you can host during the Olympics! As always, your friends at Mahaffey are always here to help. 🙂

Take a look at some of our employees, decked out in support of the USA! And in true Olympic style, it’s girls vs boys.

Ready for the Olympics!

Rooting for USA!


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