Did You Know Series: A Family Affair

Did you know that Mahaffey was founded way back in 1924? In the beginning, its founders, brothers Gene and Earl Mahaffey, started out making canvas tarpaulins, awnings and cotton pick sacks. The company’s first tent was constructed in 1929, and it was later sold to the Tri-State fair, which is now known as the Mid-South Fair. Mahaffey continued its business through World War II, and in 1972, William F. Pretsch purchased the company from the Mahaffey family after the death of the company’s owner (the second generation of Mahaffey brothers).

Although Mahaffey’s ownership now resides with a new family, that didn’t change the foundation the company was established upon. William F. Pretsch’s son, William J. Pretsch, is Mahaffey’s current President and alongside him as Vice President, George Smith, is his brother-in-law. Within the inner web of Mahaffey exist even more family ties…our Marketing Manager and one of our local event specialists are sisters-in-law! Even if not related by blood, all Mahaffey employees are part of the Mahaffey family. 🙂

Being family-owned for close to 90 years, there is no question as to why Mahaffey has such a storied and successful history.

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Old Mahaffey Truck

Mahaffey’s President, William Pretsch with his father and Vice President, George Smith


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