Did You Know: Project Green Fork Edition

Mahaffey is excited to partner with Fuel Cafe this weekend for a wedding at the Metal Museum!
ImageFuel Cafe, located in Midtown, is one of many restaurants in Memphis that are Project Green Fork certified. Founded in 2008, Project Green Fork was established to reduce environmental impact, with an emphasis on supporting homegrown restaurants. 

Here are the six things that it takes to be Project Green Fork certified: 

1. All disposable products must be compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, or made from recycled content.

2. All items that can be recycled must be recycled (as recognized by Project Green Fork).

3. With the help of Project Green Fork, restaurants will establish a composting system for pre-consumed fruit, vegetable, coffee grounds, eggshell scraps, and other compostable waste. 

4. The use of toxic cleaners is discouraged and, whenever possible, must be replaced with plant-based and/or biodegradable cleaners. 

5. Establishments must complete an energy audit and attempt to reduce water and energy waste. 

6. All kitchens, front of houses, and outside areas should be clean and free of debris. 

Check this out to find any Project Green Fork restaurants in your neighborhood.

And to check out Fuel Cafe’s delicious menu, go see them on Madison Avenue or track down their food truck for Fuel on the go! Follow them on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up with where they are in Memphis. 


Mahaffey thinks Memphis ROCKS

We were so excited for spirit day here at Mahaffey so we could wear our new “Memphis ROCKS” t-shirts we got from the Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club. These shirts are so much fun as is, but they have so much meaning behind them as well.

Playing off of the city’s Rock n’ Roll roots, the t-shirts aim to prove Memphis rocks in more ways than one. A huge music note as the backdrop on the t-shirts lists things that make our city awesome such as The University of Memphis, The Orpheum, the National Civil Rights Museum and the Memphis Zoo. Proceeds of every shirt purchased will be donated to the Memphis Police Department Fallen Officer Memorial project. This memorial will be erected at The Oak Court Mall in East Memphis and will honor those that have died in the line of duty with the Memphis Police Department.

The Lipscomb & Pitts Breakfast Club is a team of partner businesses in the Mid-South that aims to enrich business leaders and impact the community. The club hosts seminars and workshops and also offers members the opportunity to engage the community by volunteering.

Make sure to order your shirt online to join Mahaffey in celebrating Memphis and honoring our police officers!

Memphis rocks t-shirts

Mahaffey’s employees sporting their Memphis ROCKS shirts

Memphis rocks t-shirt

Angela is excited about her Memphis ROCKS t-shirt