Winter Wedding Colors

Winter weddings are always whimsical, yet a tad bit chilly. Be sure to give your guests a warm welcome by incorporating holiday colors into your wintry day. Shiny silver, glittery gold and winter white are three colors that give off a heavenly atmosphere.

From linens, tables, chairs, and tableware, Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals has everything a bride-to-be and party planner needs to create an elegant winter soiree! Stop by our showroom or call 901.457.4538 to speak with one of our event specialists today!


Sweet Silver Finish


Silver Shimmer Signature


Simple and Aglow


Gleaming Gold


Sparkly Statement


White Wonderland


Carter-Rea Wedding Spotlight

The animals of the Memphis Zoo weren’t the only ones being put on display this past weekend! The Carter-Rea wedding stole the show for this week’s wedding spotlight! Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals had the privilege of being part of this wildly gorgeous wedding coordinated by Amy Miller Weddings and Events!

Mahaffey’s party rental items, Cashmere Lamour, Gold Satin Napkins, Tableware, and Tuscan chairs made their way on the scene. These items allowed the couple and their guests to enjoy a whimsical array of dining essentials, fit to match the Zoo’s lush settings.

Mahaffey has a wide range of party rental items for all types of events. Call to make an appointment at 901.457.4538 or stop by our showroom to see what all we have to offer!

Check out photos of this unforgettable event, along with some of our fitting party rentals! All photos courtesy of Annabella Charles Photography.


Orange and Pink- Whimsical Style!

We have had a hot year for orange and pink so far. Two of our fabulous clients picked this combo as their wedding colors! This is a great example of how weddings these days are all about personal style over sticking with rigid tradition. Check out the pictures we snapped with our camera! We will post the professional ones when they are ready.  We hope you are inspired!

Gorgeous tulips for the bridesmaids!!
How whimsical is this altar? Our florist, Karin Woodward, is so creative! All the flowers seem to be bowing in the direction of the couple, showing their love.

Here is a close-up of the altar. We love the topsy-turvy flowers in the tall, dramatic vases! This is nothing like what the guests were used to.
Ice sculpture of the bride’s dog!
What bright, happy centerpieces. We love the texture and color of this linen too!

The orange swagging on the white Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals tent adds drama, as do the persian lace gobo lights! The white dance floor is a perfect canvas for guests to shake their thang.

The cake is obviously the center of attention, with the hand-strung flower chandelier meeting it from the ceiling. How gorgeous!

What party is complete without a lounge area? Thanks again to Mahaffey, we created an ultra-modern place for guests to take a load off and relax with a view.
The tent illuminated at night. The pink and orange makes the party seem to glow with warmth!
– Thank you to Social Butterflies for this fabulous guest post!