2013 Wedding Gowns

The fall and winter seasons are a favorite among most brides, and it’s easy to see why! Not only is the scenery picture-perfect, but your event also dodges that dreaded summer heat. Another opportunity for these brides is the chance to dress in the seasons coolest gowns, fit perfectly for their big day!

Whether you’re the fashion-forward bride or the comfort-seeking bride, Mahaffey’s favorite gown trends have you covered! Brides seeking that daring look, try a blush shaded gown or a gown with vine-like details. For the bride seeking comfort during those chillier nights, try gowns with long sleeves, cap sleeves, or cowl backs. These trends will leave all of your guests’ dazzled throughout the entire night!

Every bride wants to look and feel amazing on her big day, but she also wants their guests to have some fun! Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals has a wide range of rental items that will captivate guests and highlight your season trending gown. Stop by our showroom or call to make an appointment with one of our event specialists today at 901.457.4538!

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Photo courtesy of Maggie Louise


Did You Know Series: Wedding Consignment

Consignment shops have become a popular alternative when shopping, and today’s brides are now joining in on the trend.

Brides have been turning to bridal consignment stores for dresses, decorations and more! Not only are these places great for brides-to-be, but they are also fantastic for newlyweds who need extra cash. Most bridal consignment shops also offer dresses for bridesmaids, school dances and parties.

For future brides, these shops create the perfect place to purchase price reduced designer dresses and decorations. For the newly married, consignment shops offer cash for those decorations residing in the attic and dresses never to be worn again.

Bridal Bargainistas was an event that made its way to Memphis this past July. This bridal and event consignment sale not only offered wedding dresses but everything from candles to bouquet jewelry. They will return next July, so whether you will be needing a wedding dress or ready to sell your gently used decorations, the Bridal Bargainistas sale could be for you!

The Barefoot Bride in Memphis is another shop going green, offering consignment dresses. Although consignment dresses do not make up their complete inventory, they still accept and sell new and gently worn dresses under five years. Make your appointment today and join in on this new trend!

Barefoot Bride

Two of Mahaffey’s event specialists at Barefoot Bride

Bridal Rhapsody Extravaganza – Part 1

Calling all brides-to-be! Want to plan a great day with your bridesmaids, friends, or mother-of-the-bride? Look no further than the Bridal Rhapsody Extravaganza!

We at Mahaffey are SO excited to once again be a sponsor of Bridal Rhapsody, held at the Agricenter on Sunday, July 8 from 11:30am – 5:00pm.

What exactly is the Bridal Rhapsody Extravaganza, you ask? Well, brides and their guests have the opportunity to enjoy exciting, fast-moving fashion shows with great music and entertainment,which feature beautiful gowns from local bridal stores. There will also be several door prizes given throughout the day…and who doesn’t love a great prize! There will also be some fantastic vendors there (yours truly and some of our fabulous partners) to help you with all of your rental and wedding planning needs.

So whether you just got engaged last night (Congrats to you!) or last year, come and hang out with us. We would love to see you!

Check out some pictures from the January 2012 show…

Tableware Rentals

Portable Bar and Decor

Tableware Rentals


Tableware Rentals

Ribbon Taffeta Linen, Mahogany Chateau Chair

Tableware Rentals

Beach Theme, Burlap-Style Linen

Lounge Furniture Rentals

Lounge Furniture

All pictures courtesy of Shonna Nicole Photography.

Budgeting for Your Wedding

One of our event specialists ran across a wedding budget article today, and it got us thinking…what are today’s brides budgeting for their wedding? And is that budget realistic?

The article, entitled How Much Wedding Will $20,000 Buy? breaks down the costs and expenses of different budget types. First, the author discusses a small $5,000 budget. From there, a $20,000 budget is broken down, then $50,000, and finally $100,000.

It talks about how there are several different ways to cut back on costs when planning your big day. For example, one couple that was interviewed for the article said that to cut costs, instead of going with a venue that required them to use on-site caterers, the couple brought in local food trucks and had a local farm provide pies in place of a wedding cake. Speaking of local, did you know that Memphis has several food truck locations? Check ’em out!

The article also mentions some fun things to do at each price range. Naturally, this made us think about rentals! If you’re trying to cut back or stick with a smaller budget, you can cut costs by using a different style chair and/or polyester linens rather than a specialty linen. For example, try a nice padded chair; they are less expensive and still look very classy. Also, tent accessories can add up. If weather permits, try going without sidewalls or maybe leave one wall open. As far as lighting, you can go with the 15-light wrought iron chandelier instead of the larger one.

Of course, there are tons of DIY projects you can do to save money, especially where stationery is concerned.

There are SO many ways to save! See for yourself: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/how-much-wedding-will–20-000-buy-.html

How are you planning to stick to your wedding budget?

Money Saving Tips

The Best Wedding Planners

There are so many elements that go into planning a wedding, so where’s a bride to begin? Well we’ve found three great planners that are full of worksheets, checklists, suggestions and more to help you begin your planning process!

First, The Pink Book is a wonderful wedding guide that comes with a full sized binder, 8 tabs with pockets, wedding advice from experts, and free printable schedules, vendor questionnaires, and helpful planning tools online. The Pink Book ladies are experts when it comes to weddings, so they’ve included everything you need to plan your special day.

Purchase your’s here for $24.95.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding Planner is another great planning tool for brides-to-be. It’s the perfect go to guide and it’s packed full of worksheets, checklists, calendars, etiquette, and frequently asked questions. The Knot itself is a powerful resource for brides, and this planner is no exception.

Purchase your’s here for $17.99.

This next wedding planner is cute and fun. It’s by Smythson, and while it’s a little more on the pricey end, it’s worth it! It’s got 128 leaves of paper and is bound with a gorgeous fuchsia grained lambskin leather. It has tabs for ‘dress’, ‘invitations’, ‘guests and gifts’, ‘service’, ‘reception’, ‘flowers and other’, ‘going away’ and ‘honeymoon’. You’ll be able to keep up with everything in this planner, plus it’s small enough to throw in your purse and carry around with you while you’re on the go.

Purchase your’s here.

If your a bride-to-be, we hope this post has given you some ideas about great tools to use while planning your wedding. If you know a bride-to-be, any of these planners would make a great engagement gift!

Are you going to use one of these wedding planners? We’d love to hear your feedback.

How to Be a Good Southern Wedding Guest

In a search for fun and useful blog posts, sometimes outside research is necessary and that is what Beth and I tell ourselves when we buy and read magazines. Allure recently had an article “How to Be a Good Wedding Guest” which got us thinking what our rules would be for southern wedding guest etiquette.

Being a polite wedding guest begins the second your postman drops off the invitation in your mailbox. Make a decision on whether or not you are attending sooner rather than later and definitely before the “please respond by” date on the invitation.

Invitation Information
While you’re promptly filling out the response card, take the time to peruse the information available on the invitation. A big one is what is listed on the envelope: who is the invitation addressed to? If you’re single and there is no “and guest” then sadly, your date will have to stay home. Carpool with a group of friends who are also invited to the wedding. If you’re a family but the invitation is addressed to “Mr & Mrs” then that means that you will be calling a sitter because it’s a kid free wedding.  However, if the invitation says “The Smith Family” then the children are more than welcome. No matter the circumstance, it’s never okay to bring an uninvited guest to a wedding.

Dress for the Occasion

Here’s how important the invitation is: this information is also available on there. When you’re planning your wardrobe for a wedding, take note of a few things: the ceremony time, the ceremony location and the type of invitation. If the ceremony begins at 2 in the afternoon in an outdoor garden, you can skip the gowns and diamonds. However, if it doesn’t start until 7 or 8 in the evening in an elegant hotel, chances are the dress is more formal. If you’re close enough with the bride, groom or someone in the wedding party, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking what attire is required.
And remember, it’s still not okay to wear any shade of white.

Drink in Moderation
All wedding guests over the age of 21 enjoy the open bar available at many weddings. However, a drink during cocktail hour,  toasting to the bride and grooms new happy life or a glass of your favorite spirit is perfectly appropriate, there is certainly a limit on drinks if you want to be a gracious guest. Know your limits and appreciate them- there is no table dancing, drunken toast giving or, worst of all, getting sick at weddings, southern or otherwise.

Following these little guidelines will help ease stress of the bride on her special day and help you to do what you came there to do- Have fun!



Get creative with your invitations

Choosing your wedding invitations provides an opportunity for you and your soon-to-be spouse to express your personality as a couple. The people on your guest list already know you, so they will appreciate receiving invitations that express who you are.

By varying such features as color and style of your basic invitation design, its accents, and the font style you use for your wording, you can create a multitude of combinations that will give you more options for making the invitations truly your own. Textures will also play a part in the design, and you’ll want to decide whether to use raised or flat lettering or choose smooth or textured design elements in your basic invitation or create texture through added design accents.

The details of your event can also be customized, and the wording can generally be modified to fit your personal tone. Inner and outer envelopes will often already come in coordinating colors with liners to match, though you can further personalize these by choosing different color combinations and save yourself a great deal of time by having your name and return address printed on the outer envelope.

Other components you may decide to use to further personalize your wedding invitations are reception cards, thank-you cards, multi-purpose cards, menu cards, place cards, escort cards, and programs. Choosing the right combination of items can help make your wedding invitations—like your wedding—distinctly yours.

Now is the time to let your creativity run free. As you plan your special day, allow yourself the luxury of choosing just the right invitation design, adding just the right accents and assembling all the right accessories to make your wedding invitations uniquely you.

Want more invitation design inspiration? Check out Mrs. Post Stationery in Memphis, Tennessee.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation Board

Summer Glow in the Garden!

We recently had the pleasure of designing a chic outdoor wedding at The Dixon. As much as we LOVE pink (as documented in my past two blog posts), we were excited to work with a client who wanted to mix it up and use orange, brown, green, champagne and copper. The end result was a beautiful glowing wedding in the heart of the Dixon Gardens. Check out the pictures, snapped by Annabella of Asian Bees Photography!

The centerpieces inside varied from low, sprawling clusters of bouquets and candles on clean, champagne satin linens…
… to intricate, twisted branches reaching towards the ceiling. The branches extend from gorgeous flower wreaths saturated with color. Karin Woodward with Haute Horticulture never ceases to amaze us with her gorgeous floral designs. Check out the orchids winding through the vase! For this alternate table look we added a sheer linen overlay over the classic champagne satin we used on the other look. We had to special order this overlay from Mosaic. The gold chivari chairs set off the elegant feel of the room!
Karin awes again with her creative orchid bubbles floating among her branchy outdoor arrangements. Love!
Here is the arrangement from a distance. Romantically dramatic with the height, yet organically quaint with the moss covered pot!
A view of the outdoor cigar lounge. Outside we traded the elegant champagne linens and gold chairs for brilliant pops of orange and mahogany brown chairs. I love how the orange looks in contrast to the beautiful green trees in the backdrop.
Another luxurious, hand-rolled cigar bar!
Little details in the catering display. These unique upside-down cups of petals elevate the glass platform for the food display. CFY provided their couture catering, fabulous as always!
Three romantic brass chandeliers hung down the center of the clear-top tent ceiling. The orange fabric swagging draws the eye skyward and creates a lavish frame for the dance floor.
Here is a closeup! Again, love the orange against the trees!
The whole view of the tent. The band, Party Planet, rocked the house and got the guests dancing in spite  of the Memphis June heat.
A cocktail table outside with a sneak peek of the orange and white lounge area.
The orange and white lounge area provided a swanky and comfortable place for guests to chill out by the dance floor. LOVE this leather furniture from Mahaffey Tent and Party Rentals!
Unexpected and fabulous centerpieces for the long tables in the tent. The contrast of the bright flowers and cool moss mirrors the overall scene of the orange decor against the green trees.
My ABSOLUTE favorite detail- the hand-strung flower chandelier by Haute Horticulture! This hung over the dance floor and was a favorite of the guests.
Here is a closeup! Absolutely beautiful work by the florist.
Thanks for reading! As always, we hope you are inspired by our designs. This event was a blast and we are so lucky to have wonderful clients who let us play!
– Thank you to Social Butterflies for this fabulous guest post! Please visit www.sb-events.com to see more of their work!

Tent Lighting

Use Flattering Hues

Golden and amber tones allow you and your guests to look their best.  Warm colors, such as gold, flatter everyone and highlight decor beautifully.  Shades of pink are also complimentary, especially for weddings.  You can use these shades to color an entire space while offering a sense of warmth and comfort.

Light to Enhance

To highlight centerpieces and food displays, try a technique called pin-spotting, in which a tightly focused light makes decorative touches shine.  Gobo lights – a special projector with an etched metal template – can be used to shine a pretty pattern across the walls, such as a couple’s monogram or company logo.

Gorgeous light isn’t only for reception or party space, like the main tent.  Hallways and courtyards can and should be embellished, too.  If your event is a subdued one, you may choose to illuminate these areas to complement your reception lighting and decor.  If you opt for a funkier vibe, however, you can change the colors and moods of each area.