New Inventory Item: Three Tier Dessert Tray

Enhance your sweet tooth palate by ditching the traditional wedding cake for numerous cupcakes! Mahaffey’s new three tier dessert tray is a tasteful way to showcase the wedding cupcake trend! After all, when it comes to wedding cakes, the more the merrier!

For desserts, what’s on the inside counts, especially during weddings! Opting for cupcakes allow multiple, heavenly flavors to be put into bite-sized treats. In general, wedding cupcakes are less expensive and easier to transport. They can also tie in your wedding theme through creative designs and displays. Allow your guests to marvel over your unique, abundant dessert spread with the help of our new rental item!

You won’t regret shrinking it down to cupcakes with Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals dessert trays! That’s not all; Mahaffey has other rental items such as, tableware, linens, tables and more to help with all of your wedding and event needs. Stop by our showroom or call us today at 901.457.4538 for pricing and availability on this delectable item!

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photoNew Inventory Item
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2013 Wedding Gowns

The fall and winter seasons are a favorite among most brides, and it’s easy to see why! Not only is the scenery picture-perfect, but your event also dodges that dreaded summer heat. Another opportunity for these brides is the chance to dress in the seasons coolest gowns, fit perfectly for their big day!

Whether you’re the fashion-forward bride or the comfort-seeking bride, Mahaffey’s favorite gown trends have you covered! Brides seeking that daring look, try a blush shaded gown or a gown with vine-like details. For the bride seeking comfort during those chillier nights, try gowns with long sleeves, cap sleeves, or cowl backs. These trends will leave all of your guests’ dazzled throughout the entire night!

Every bride wants to look and feel amazing on her big day, but she also wants their guests to have some fun! Mahaffey Tent & Party Rentals has a wide range of rental items that will captivate guests and highlight your season trending gown. Stop by our showroom or call to make an appointment with one of our event specialists today at 901.457.4538!

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Photo courtesy of Maggie Louise

Did You Know: 12/12/12

Did you know that Wednesday was December 12, 2012, making the date 12/12/12? And how convenient that it was #WeddingWednesday! Wednesday marked the last occasion probably in our life time, that we will experience an alliteration date. Until January 1, 2101, almost a century away, the month, day and year will not share the same number. Couples from all across the United States took advantage of this date and tied the knot. Las Vegas especially geared up for the wedding rush and we don’t blame them! There were thousands of brides and grooms running around and we can’t wait to hear all the stories. If you planned your wedding on 12/12/12, we would love to hear about it!

Some interesting opinions Mahaffey discovered…not only does this WAY too easy day provide husbands with no excuse as to ever forget an anniversary, but it happens to be credited with significance as well. The numbers in the sequence, 1-2-1-2-1-2, add up to eleven, and according to our research, eleven is a very powerful and intense numeral. It was predicted to allow awakenings to a high spiritual truth and help people to gain new perspective. 12/12/12 is said to be a precursor, and provide insight to 12/21/2012, in which there will be a feeling of intuition and high energy towards a new beginning.